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Fidelity Fund Certificates unclaimed

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) has compiled an updated list of Fidelity Fund Certificates that have been returned as unclaimed by estate agents from the various Post Office outlets.  In this regard, the EAAB has made every effort to ensure that agents are aware of such unclaimed FFCs .  If your company name appears on this list, we request that you urgently contact the EAAB to make arrangements to either re-post or to collect your FFC.


The EAAB Contact Details for this purpose are: or 

Please indicate the following in your e-mail:


  • Your name
  • Firm name
  • Your seven digits reference number or ID number
  • Fidelity Fund Certificate numbers (as identified on list)



In terms of postage of FFC’s, they will only be sent to the registered company postal address, therefore it is very important that Principals ensure that their firm’s postal addresses are verified with the EAAB, as the EAAB will not be held responsible for any FFC not received by the agent. 

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