20 June 2011 Amnesty Committee of the Estate Agency Affairs Board meets

Immediate Release
20 June 2011

The first meeting of the Amnesty Committee of the Estate Agency Affairs Board was held this morning when a number of applications for amnesty were considered. It became apparent to the Committee that many of the applicants, and especially those from previously disadvantaged persons, were largely unaware that they were obliged to register with the EAAB and to be issued with fidelity fund certificates to legally operate as estate agents. Other applicants seemed simply to have allowed their registrations to lapse or had been misinformed or misled as to the registration requirements by their previous principals. None of the applications considered related to persons who had been rendered disqualified as estate agents by reason of having been convicted of any offences involving an element of dishonesty or who were dismissed from a position of trust. 

The Committee was especially gratified that, in granting a number of these amnesty applications, subject to compliance by the applicant with certain necessary conditions, it was effectively able to regularise the positions of hitherto illegally operating estate agency practitioners, meaningfully contribute to their future employment prospects and, also, ensure that they were actively brought into the regulatory fold of professional estate agents. 

The activities of all applicants who have been granted amnesty will be closely supervised and monitored by the EAAB for a period of at least six months to ensure that such persons are not only competently and capably performing the functions, duties and activities of estate agents but that they are also complying with all applicable legislative requirements. Professional EAAB staff will, during this period, also be continuously accessible to actively consult with, assist and guide successful applicants to ensure their continued progress, both economic and reputational, as practicing estate agents. 

The Amnesty Committee of the EAAB will be meeting on a weekly basis to deal with amnesty applications as they are received and to ensure that no backlog in the processing of amnesty applications occurs. 


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