FIC Information Series on the new Registration and Reporting platform Part 1 - Updating of existing registration information

FIC Information Series on the new Registration and Reporting platform

Part 1 - Updating of existing registration information 

Estate Agencies already registered with the FIC on the previous system

Estate agencies that were registered with the FIC on the previous system need to update their details on the new registration and reporting platform.

Using the address “”, the FIC e-mailed a new entity registration identity, called an “Org ID”, to the Compliance Officer of registered estate agencies on the FIC database, in April 2016.

Below is a screenshot of the e-mail we sent out. 

The Org ID is in the subject line of the e-mail. 

The Org ID replaces the AI/RI number issued to estate agents registered with the FIC. 

All estate agencies must update their registration details to receive a new confirmation of registration from the FIC in order to file reports with the FIC. 

Follow the steps below to activate your institution on the new goAML system:

  • Your FIC Act appointed compliance officer for the estate agency (the S43CO) must do the activation.
  • Do ensure that the first person using the Org ID No, as provided by the FIC, on the system is the appointed Compliance Officer (S43CO) for your entity.

  • Access the goAML website by following this link:  (
    • Click on “Register as a person” (this is very important) to commence the updating of registration related information. Do not click on “Register as an organisation” as this will create a duplicate registration which will be rejected by the FIC.

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) will be publishing articles regularly in The Agent to keep the estate agent industry informed about new developments. In this edition, Part One, the FIC describes how to activate your registered entity on the new registration and reporting platform, known as goAML which launched on 25 April 2016 to replace the old platform. This part sets out the steps to add the user details and then how to update of the details of registered estate agencies on the goAML platform.

Part Two will cover how to register with the FIC, if you have not yet registered with the FIC. 

We hope you enjoy the articles and look forward to receiving feedback from you.

  • Insert the Org ID and complete the registration form for the S43CO, and then add the following attachments
  • copy of ID/Passport document certified by a commissioner of oaths
  • signed authorisation letter containing the details of the S43CO user, such as user name and surname, ID/passport number, occupation of the user and the role of the user to be allocated on the system.  If this is not attached the registration will be rejected by the FIC.
  • Click “submit”.  The details will be submitted to the FIC for approval.
  • Upon receiving an e-mail from the FIC confirming successful account registration, the S43CO must log onto the registration platform, using the Org ID and approved user credentials, to update and verify the institution’s details, by making changes where necessary. 
  • Once confirmation has been sent by the FIC confirming the successful updating of the institutions details (account registration), the registration is complete if no further users need be added. The S43CO is now able to file reports with the FIC.
  • If the entity requires the registration of further delegated users, then the S43CO must communicate the Org ID to these delegated users (including the Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs)), so they can commence their user registration as an MLRO of the entity.

Kindly refer to the instructions in section 4 of the FAQ published by the FIC on how to add delegated users including MLROs. 

If you were successfully registered on the previous registration and reporting platform but have not received an Org ID No. from the FIC, kindly contact the FIC Compliance Contact Centre on 0860 222 200 to obtain your Org ID. 

Further information regarding the new registration and reporting platform is available on our website at

The FIC has published the following documents to assist institutions with registration which can be found on our website:

  • Process flow diagram
  • Registration guideline for accountable and reporting institutions
  • Public Compliance Communication 05A on Registration

For more information on registering your business with the FIC contact us at or call the FIC’s Compliance Contact Centre 0860 222 200

For regular news on the registration and reporting platform and other developments affecting your industry visit the FIC’s website

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