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Recently appointed Chief Executive Officer Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi shares how she is pursuing a transformation agenda, bettering a stakeholder-centric approach and ensuring a strong future for the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

The appointment of the Estate Agency Affairs Board’s new Chief Executive Officer commenced on 01 February 2019.  The EAAB Board, Management and Staff welcome the recent appointment of its new CEO. 

Not long into her recent appointment Mamodupi has already identified some of the immediate challenges facing the organisation.  The reality that the current service levels of the EAAB is not where it should be, and that the current IT system needs to be replaced is imminent on the list of priorities that will be addressed.  

In its endeavours to streamline its current processes, the EAAB will be looking at re-engineering its current IT system and putting a number of procedures in place to better service stakeholders. This will ensure efficiencies are improved to make the online process for all transactions smooth and effective and will be implemented in a 2 phase approach commencing towards the latter part of 2019. 

There are a considerable amount of processes and projects that will be taking place over the coming months, but Mamodupi is resolute that with the appropriate and continued support of its stakeholders, and the commitment to the overall improvement of the EAAB’s services and processes that all can be achieved to the benefit of all.  Mamodupi is enthusiastic and encouraged that through the determination to succeed, much can be accomplished and looks forward to her engagements with industry players across all spectrums.  The EAAB will continue in its endeavours to co-operate, and liaise with industry stakeholders in its concerted push to establish a collaborative problem-solving approach that will collectively address common challenges and problems. 

Over the past few weeks Mamodupi with dedicated EAAB staff, focused on the backlog of Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC’s) for 2019 that needed to be issued to applicants which, has resulted in a couple of thousand FFC’s being processed in an extremely short space of time. 

In her role as CEO of the EAAB, Mamodupi with the support of the EAAB Board, and the Department of Human Settlements is charged with driving transformation of the real estate sector.  There has been some change, but the pace of change has been far too slow.  It is imperative that the real estate sector has adequate representation across all populations in terms of the demographics of South Africa.  Mamodupi is determined to build a strong committed team to harness the transformation initiatives that has the ability to make tough decisions on this transformation journey.  The EAAB will ensure that the right people spend the right amount of time driving the necessary changes.

A final word from the new CEO is the acknowledgement that without the dedication and commitment of the EAAB Board, Management and Staff to the real estate sector which it regulates and serves, all of this would be impossible.  Mamodupi will therefore continue in her endeavours to ensure positive staff morale, good work ethics, and continued commitment of which it is hoped that it will result in an institutional turnaround to the benefit of all. 



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