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The Home Inspection Industry Elsewhere

The Home Inspection Industry Elsewhere

In the United States and in Britain properties being sold need to pass inspection by an independent, accredited expert before the prospective buyer can obtain a home loan. Although the system was initially introduced to give financial institutions peace of mind, a successful inspection holds big benefits for both buyer and seller.

In the United States and elsewhere there have been great advances in the sales of residential properties through the pre-qualifying analysis of both buyers and sellers to ensure trouble free deals and fast property transfers.

Home inspection as a service industry has been available in the USA and Canada for the past three decades.  It is growing so much in popularity that Entrepreneur Magazine has predicted that 90% of all homes purchased in the next few years in the USA will be subject to proper inspections.  At present the percentage for the USA is approximately 66%.  In other words 66% of all second-hand homes are inspected before they are sold.

It is for these reasons that the home inspection business in many parts of the world is now a vital part of the property industry.


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