EAFindU Security App for Estate Agents

Estate agency practise has inevitably become more risky than was previously the case.  Estate agents often travel to appointments by themselves, and conduct show house sittings where no other person/s are present and also meet clients whose identities and bona fides are frequently unknown.  This and other similar interactions, inevitably create risky situations which estate agents strive to avoid.

The innovation introduced by ADT Security is highly recommended as being an efficient and cost effective method to create a safer environment, peace of mind, with a quick response time to any emergencies that might arise where estate agents are concerned. 

The use of the ADT service introduced by the Estate Agency Affairs Board will go a long way to mitigate the risks inherent in potential estate agency functions.

What is it?
And what can it do?

  • A 24/7 Monitored personal service;
  • Platform for personal safety and estate agency protection;
  • Turns smartphones into personal alarm devices with real time GPS tracking,video/audio and alarm features:
  • The user decides when to activate tracking;
  • The service is focused on personal safety (Safety in your hands);
  • Can track and help recover phones if lost or stolen;
  • Set appointment times which will cause the alarm to be activated if not deactiviated as scheduled after an appointment;

The Estate Agency Affairs Board is proud to have facilitated the introduction of ADT Security and of their services to estate agents for an affordable fee and trusts that estate agents will now be better abe to protect themselves from any unforeseen predatory practises that might occur.


EA FindU is a revolutionary personal security service which improves personal safety for everyone through innovative use of technology.  We are constantly updating and improving the performance and features of our service.  Should estate agents be interested to know more, please contact us akoli@adt.co.za or visit our website on www.adtfindu.co.za



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