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For purposes of, inter alia, ensuring consistency and mitigating the risk of ‘forum shopping’ which was, unfortunately found to be prevalent, the EAAB has, with effect from 16 May 2013, resumed the role and function of assessing equivalency exemption applications against the National Qualifications Framework real estate qualifications in accordance with the Board approved equivalency matrices - which may be accessed from the EAAB’s website at Any equivalency exemption certificates issued by accredited education providers after 16 May 20913 will, therefore, no longer be recognised by the EAAB.

The procedure when applying for the grant of an equivalency exemption

As payment of the assessment fee must be made to the EAAB up front and as this fee is non-refundable, it is essential that prospective equivalency exemption applicants carefully consult, and consider, the relevant equivalency matrix before deciding whether or not to apply for the equivalency exemption. Doing so, furthermore, serves as the necessary diagnostic assessment that should be undertaken by equivalency candidates factually to assess whether they, indeed, qualify for the grant of the equivalency exemption before submitting an exemption application to the EAAB.

After having concluded the diagnostic assessment candidates still wishing to apply to the EAAB for the grant of an equivalency exemption against the Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate (for non-principal estate agents) and/or the National Certificate: Real Estate (for principal estate agents), as the case may be, are required to prepare, and submit, an equivalency exemption application in the form of an appropriate Portfolio of Evidence.

The Portfolio of Evidence

The required Portfolio of Evidence should comprise, at least, the following documentation, namely:

  • a letter from the applicant indicating the NQF real estate qualification(s) against which the applicant seeks an equivalency exemption as well as whether or not the applicant currently holds a valid fidelity fund certificate issued by the EAAB and, if so, the status of that fidelity fund certificate (whether an ‘intern’, ‘non-principal’ or ‘principal’ fidelity fund certificate);

  • a copy of the candidate’s identity document;

  • the candidate’s full curriculum vitae;

  • original(s), or certified copy(ies), of qualifications either awarded to the candidate or in respect of which the candidate relies for the assessment of the equivalency exemption application;

  • original(s), or certified copy(ies), of the statement(s) of courses passed towards the attainment of the relevant qualification(s);

  • original(s), or certified copy(ies), of any other professional qualifications and/or designations that may have been awarded to the candidate; and

  • such further information as the applicant wishes to disclose to the EAAB for the purpose of properly assessing the applicant’s equivalency qualifications.

The assessment process

Once received, the Portfolio of Evidence will be assessed against the relevant NQF real estate equivalency qualification(s) in accordance with the requirements of the Board approved equivalency matrices as well as the established criteria for the conducting of a valid and accurate assessment.

Should the EAAB assessors require that the validity of any qualification(s) submitted by candidates be further verified or confirmed, the EAAB may, at the cost of the applicant, cause the qualification(s) in question to be verified by a registered verification agency or by the Department of Higher Education.

The issuing of an exemption letter   

If a candidate is granted an equivalency exemption in respect of the Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate and/or the National Certificate: Real Estate, the EAAB will issue an appropriate equivalency exemption letter to that candidate, specifically indicating the qualification(s) in respect of which the candidate has been found to be entitled to an equivalency exemption. If the candidate is a registered estate agent the EAAB’s database will also be updated accordingly.

In the event that a candidate is found not to be entitled to the grant of an equivalency exemption that candidate shall be informed accordingly, in writing, by the EAAB.  

The retention of submitted Portfolios of Evidence  

All Portfolios of Evidence submitted by equivalency exemption candidates, as well as any other documentary proof pertaining to the equivalency exemption assessment process that was conducted, will be retained by the EAAB until they are no longer required for verification or auditing purposes. Such Portfolios of Evidence may thereafter be released to the candidates concerned and will be dispatched to such candidates at their request and at their own cost.






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